• About Pastor Ron Pitts

    Pastor Ron Pitts is a motivated leader that desires to empower individuals to ENLARGE their view of themselves, so they will maximize everything that God has put into them to tap into their purpose.

    Pastor Ron Pitts

    Ron Pitts is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Leadership Coach. He is also a father of 3 wonderful children. Ron is the Founder/Senior Pastor of Empowerment Ministries Church, and also the Founder/CEO of Ron Pitts Ministries. The title that Ron holds more dearly is that God calls him son.


    He was born in Pittsburgh Pa, but currently resides in Raleigh, NC. Ron Pitts is a Certified Leadership Coach and Graduate of the Essential Leadership Academy.


    Ron Pitts prides himself on motivating, encouraging, and coaching others to maximize their full potential in who God has called them to be.

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    We offer a variety of coaching, mentoring, and success tips to help you bounce back and stay on top developing you to be the best you that you were created to be.

    Motivational Speaking

    We aim to inspire you to tap into your desires, push you into your promise. There is so much untapped talent laying inside of you that is just going to waste. Our goal is to introduce you to that side of you that you didn’t even know existed. When we motivate you, we must first strip you of your unmotivated way of thinking about the assignment and yourself. Once we do that we then shift into developing, grooming and building you up to make you understand and know that you can conquer whatever you desire.


    Book Pastor Ron to come to speak and empower you, your organization, or ministry to run at its full capacity.

    Leadership Coaching

    Our Passion at Ron Pitts Ministries is to develop the leader within. We enjoy training leaders in churches or even in the workplace. We do that by training and developing individuals or teams to understand the importance of their roles. We have come to find there are too many leaders in position without knowing or understanding what their role or assignment is in that role. Our priority gives you a clear understanding of what and why that position is important.


    We also train and develop you to birth that great leader that you are. We push you to move to the front instead of hiding in the background. We are available for training in person, one on one coaching, or even team activities. Book us now.

    Life Coaching

    We specialize on empowering those on how to recover from set backs. Many individuals deal with many different setbacks such as divorce, church hurt, loss, financial issues. Our goal is to help you Enlarge your view of yourself by dealing with the root of the issues. Such as low self-esteem, lack faith, and understanding who you are. We do that by using biblical principles. We desire to help you Enlarge by helping you find your purpose or better yet unlocking your purpose that is hidden within you.


    Our passion is also developing the leader within. We enjoy training leaders in churches by helping them to understand the definition and the importance of their roles in ministry. So many people are in positions in churches, but don’t have a full understanding of why that role is important.

    ...and More

    If you still need more guidance, book your 1-hour coaching session below for only $100. I'm ready to help you navigate through this season of your life to get where you need to be. Its okay to admit that you need help but it's not okay to know you need help and not get it. You are worth the investment. Your purpose is worth investment. The people that are assigned to you are worth the investment. Don’t delay another moment. Slots are filling up quickly and I don't want you to miss out. The $100 investment won't last long. Book your session today by clicking HERE. It's time to ENLARGE!

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    In life we are faced with many setbacks. Those setbacks tend to put us in a predicament that causes us to question our relationship with God, or God’s relationship with us. When we find ourselves in these situations we tend to lose sight of who we are in God. There are times we ask God for things, and He denies us access. How to Respond When God Says NO is a roadmap of biblical principles to reap the results that God is trying to get to us. I believe that God wants us to get the best out of life, and if that requires saying NO in order to get a Yes. Then focus on Responding the right way.

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